Upcoming classes and workshops:

Wheel Throwing: Basics and Beyond at Art Students League of Denver. Register at asld.org
Session 1:  Sept 15- Oct 27
Session 2: Nov 10- Dec 22

Garden Sculpture and Totems - at The Art Students League of Denver. register at (asld.org)

Experience the exciting world of clay and enhance your garden with a unique and personal piece of assembled art. Learn basic clay techniques of coil, pinch and slab construction to build sections for your totem. During this workshop you'll plan your totem, build the pieces, learn various clay decoration and glazing techniques, learn to incorporate found objects and mixed media elements, discuss composition, and then assemble your 4ft to 5ft sculpture for installation in a garden.

Next session Winter 2018!  Watch for photos from 2017

Decoration Demystified - at The Art Students League of Denver. register at (asld.org)

The goal of this workshop is to elevate the plain pot or art piece with an interesting surface, while eliminating glaze room paralysis. In this demo and hands-on workshop, a plethora of surface treatments for all types of ceramics will be explored. These include stamps, texture tools, slip inlay, scrafitto, paper stencils, slips, stains, wax-resist, slip trailing, underglazes and more. Techniques for wet, leather-hard and bisque clay will be covered. By experimenting with and practicing these various techniques, you will be able to incorporate decoration into your own work resulting in a unique and personal body of work that speaks to others

Next session Winter 2018!